Members' ikebana exhibition


held on 10th October 2021

at Burgh House, London

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Come and join our ikebana workshops:




Beginners are welcome! Please contact us to book your place.

Click here for 2021-2022 workshop dates & details


Ohara School of Ikebana England Chapter meets regularly in the centre of London for the workshop and study days.

Professors from the headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, are periodically invited to give demonstrations and seminars to members.

The England Chapter participates in several flower shows and exhibitions each year.

There are qualified teachers (Masters) living in various parts of British Isles.


For further information please use the "Contact Us!" link on the menu.


Committee members 

Jeddi Bassan, President

Elizabeth Bourlet, Vice President and Secretary

Ruriko Kojima-Meek, Advisor to the President - 

Chifumi Orgler, Treasurer

Toshiko Bradley, Event Organiser 

Shoko Holness, Workshop Organiser 

Miyuki Griffin, Public Relations 


We look forward to welcoming you to our Chapter for sharing the enjoyment of arrangement and flowers together.


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