The annual subscription fee (for 2019-2020) is 25.

Payment of the subscription means you are a member of England Chapter.


Members are entitled to:

·       Attend workshops at a member rate of 10 (non-member rate,15 each time)

·     Access to the teachers list, so you can select who you would like to be your teacher

·     Attain certificates of your ikebana progression; certificate applications must be submitted by your teacher and approved by the Chapter President before they are accepted by Ohara Headquarters;

·      Attend special workshops and study sessions given by Professors from Japan and guest Masters at member rates; non-member rates are at least 15 more expensive for each event;

·      Receive the newsletter;

·      Take part in our exhibitions;

·      Benefit from the advice and guidance of more senior students and masters.


Above all, members have a very enjoyable time! 


Please Contact us for further details.


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